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Dining Table

Dining Table

Take your outdoor dining experience to the next level with a Luume Dining Fire Table.
Choose table tops or bases from a selection of three options.


  • LUUME Dining table tops are made from Slate.


    You can choose from the following three finishes

    Galaxy Black, Burnt Copper,  Meteor Grey


    Here is some more info about the Stone Tops available in three styles:


    Burnt Copper

    With a red base colour and a high shine, Burnt Copper is our most popular slate material.  On the top surface, the veining and direction give it a stunning appearance.


    Meteor Grey

    There is no doubt that Meteor Grey is a very popular material.Featuring a dark grey silver colour with a hint of dark green, it has textured natural movements that lend it a classic slate appearance.


    Galaxy Black 

    Features a black / dark grey slate texture that is highly reflective and sparkles,making it among our most popular contemporary dark slate finishes.


LUUME tables240966_edited.jpg
LUUME tables240966.jpg
LUUME tables240986.jpg
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