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Limited Warrant Conditions


These conditions outline the scope of Luume’ warranty obligations; however, these obligations only apply when Luume products are installed and maintained in accordance with the Luume installation and maintenance procedures using parts from Luume.


All installations must comply with local building, fire and safety regulations, codes of practice and industry standards and legislation. Overseas installations must comply with local industry standards and legislative bodies.


  1. Warranty obligations are non-transferable and are only extended to the original purchaser and original place of installation. Please retain your dated sales receipt as a proof of purchase

  2.   Luume shall not be liable for any consequential or economic loss, howsoever arising from any defects affecting the product or from any delay in repairing or replacing the product

  3.  In no event shall Luume be liable for consequential loss or damage for breach of these warranty conditions

  4. Installations must be requested to be registered at

  5. Luume standard warranty only applies to domestic installations; special conditions apply to commercial installations – Section 2.2.

  6. .The purchaser is responsible for annual maintenance according to the Luume maintenance and care procedures, failure to comply with these conditions will void these warranty terms – Please ensure the appropriate Appendix of the relevant burner manual is updated, as this record of maintenance forms part of these limited warranty conditions

  7. Luume reserves the right to provide either replacement parts, or replacement products, at their sole discretion, in order to satisfy claims made under this warranty document





  1. Nature of Limited Warranty

  2. Extended Time Warranty

  3. How to make a Warranty Claim



Nature of Limited Warranty


Your limited parts only warranty extends to the repair or replacement of parts that Luume deem defective through either material failure or poor workmanship, for the time periods shown in the tables below.


Your limited warranty does not cover the collection, shipping, handling or associated costs of the item being returned to Luume under this limited parts only warranty. Your limited parts only warranty does include return shipping. Where this is a large item, this will be to kerbside only.


Your limited parts only warranty does not extend to any installation, re-installation or associated costs. Warranty period commences from the Product delivery date.


2.1 Domestic Installations

Details of the limited parts only warranty for domestic installations, is shown in the table below.




2.2 Commercial Installations


As commercial installations by their nature will endure more frequent use and will be exposed to the actions of the general public, warranties are only extended to the periods indicated in the table below from the delivery date for all commercial customers.


 2.3.General Exclusions


  • Damage in transit that is not notified to Luume or an approved reseller before 17:00 on the day of delivery

  • Installations performed by an unapproved person or organisation

  • Non-compliance to the Luume installation, care or maintenance procedures

  • Diagnostic, fault finding, removal and reinstallation costs

  • Misapplication, misuse, accidental or wilful damage

  • Unauthorised modifications, alterations, tampering or repairs

  • Unauthorised removal of components prior to reporting defective operation

  • Damaged caused by natural weathering or abnormally corrosive environments including sea salt corrosion, acidity and alkali attacks and insects (surface staining corrosion can be delayed or prevented with appropriate care and attention. Recommendations can be found on the Luume Product care)

  • Products exposed to excessive loads, for example Luume fire tables are not designed for seating purposes

  • Consumable parts and fair wear and tear including table cover, batteries, LED, pilot light assemblies, control system, removable panels and discoloration of glass and fuel beds • Element damaged caused by fire, wind or flooding

  • Burner failure due to non-use of lid and cover when supplied



2.4. Table Tops


• Colour fading - Granite is a natural material possessing varying degrees of ultra violet resistance, although it will eventually fade depending on the ultra violet intensity and exposure

As Granite is a natural igneous quarried rock, reasonable endeavours will be used to obtain a good match for any replacement sections, however, this cannot be guaranteed

Granite Staining – Caused by certain lotions, oils, acids and alkalis (surface staining corrosion can be delayed or prevented with appropriate care and attention.)



  1. How to make a Warranty Claim


If you believe your product has a defect, please notify Luume in advance before taking any action. Your product installation must be registered by a Luume professional; in addition you must be the original purchaser and be able to provide proof of purchase when you make a claim. To submit a warranty claim, contact our warranty department at


Warranty provisions are covered in Section 2 together with exceptions. If in doubt, please contact a member of our team who will offer you support and advice.


If you wish to make a warranty claim or any faulty or defective part or workmanship, you must inform Luume and forward images of the part within a reasonable amount of time, usually this is within 14 days from the date on which the fault or defect first became apparent. If the notification is received after 14 days, Luume cannot accept any liability for events or issues which arise after this extended period. In the event of a product fault occurring during the standard limited warranty period, Luume will send the appropriate component or goods necessary to rectify the fault, and where appropriate collect the defective part, free of charge.


 Extended limited parts only warranty excludes any additional delivery charges, these will be confirmed before dispatch

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