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  • LPG or NG?
    All our gas fire tables are available for natural mains gas or bottled LPG propane gas. Ensure you select the desired gas type when ordering.
  • What are your delivery times?
    Gatsby – 8-10 weeks Coffee and Diner – 4-5 weeks
  • Can I cook?
    Yes, griddle plate cooking only. Fat and juices from food can block burner jets causing malfunction. If food deposits are found in the burner jets, this will invalidate your warranty due to mis use.
  • Does the portugues lava rock need to be replaced?
    No, lava rock is able to withstand extremely high heats produced from volcanic lava. In comparison your garden fire does nothing to the rocks. Eventually there may be deposits left from use, in this case you can either wipe off any excess, or we will send a new bag to you.
  • Are the tables fixed to the ground?
    As standard Luume tables are not fixed to the ground, this is designed for the end user to be able to move the table in the case of garden changes, or even taken with a complete property change… our table is to stay for life!
  • Can we match the same speakers, subwoofer, and smart home hub to what we have in our current set up?
    Yes, our tables are designed to integrate with your smart home systems. For this reason, our design team will match your luume to your existing set up.
  • Does the fire actually keep you warm in cold conditions?
    Luume fire tables are 4 times have 4 times the heat output of a regular indoor fireplace. Our fires do not only provide a large aesthetically pleasing flame, but also keeps its guests warm. It does this by providing direct heat from the rising flame, as well as tremendously increasing the temperature of the air around you. A heat pocket is created keeping you warm and toasty.
  • Do I have to cover the table when not in use?
    Whilst we recommend using an outdoor cover in extreme weather conditions, Luume fire tables are produced from high quality, high weather resistance materials. Materials such as granite, which is produced from the deepest quarries, and architecturally powder coated finishes, developed for all weathered applications. We even use the highest-grade stainless steels and aluminium which are the best corrosion preventing metals. For this reason, you can enjoy the beauties of your Luume, even when not in use, just by gazing your eyes over the stunning artwork.
  • Can I use the centre as a Champagne bucket?
    Yes, when not in use, use our table as an ice bucket table. we have carefully selected champagne buckets which can be placed in the centre of the table on top of the burner, as a central drinks area when the fire is not in use. view our accessories to see.
  • Why do you have plug sockets on the outside of the table?
    Luume fire tables feature 4 exterior plug sockets on the underside of the table. These are installed complimentary when any smart extra is added to the table. Here you can power your favourite and most important electronics. For example, a computer charger whilst doing work on your Luume. Or an ice cube machine, and air fan on a hot day. Or your favourite coffee machine on a cold day.
  • Is my phone compatible with the wireless phone charging points?
    Qi is a wireless technology that uses inductive charging. Your Luume wireless chargers have been engineered to be Qi compatible. Qi has been adopted by Apple, Samsung and all other major phone brands.
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