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Introducing Luume
The future of fire.

Fire reinvented 

How the bonfire was always mean to be.

Luume is revolutionising the luxury fire table.


We are blending art and engineering, using the best the earth has to offer in natural materials along with cutting-edge technology to bring you stunning luxury fire tables.

LUUME is here to elevate your outdoor space.

LUUME tables241010.jpg

Luume is not just a fire table, its an experience

Here are Some ways to experience LUUME


Our artisans have created iconic works of art for  global power houses such as Louis Vuitton, Harrods and Chanel.


Over 25 years, the ebb and flow of experience has culminated into sheer excellence and an enviable attention to detail which reflects in every corner, edge and facet of a LUUME table. 


Choose Luxury, choose LUUME.


Discover Luume

DisCover LUUME

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1,000,000's  of years

Is how long it takes for volcanic lava rocks to form,
which by the way is what we use to fuel our fires.

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Piece de Resistance

A renaissance is here, once more. 

We are pedantic about sourcing only the finest materials from the furthest corners of the world.

A LUUME Table does not compromise on any feature.

Stone table tops, the Jewel of the Crown in every LUUME table, are meticulously sought after by us.

A new renaissance has begun with LUUME.

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A finishing touch

Every note in a symphony matters.

LUUME is embellished with specialist metallic trimmings, which gracefully tie the table together with elegance and luxury.

Choose Rustic god, Stainless steel or a metallic bronze to contract the deep granite colours & textures.

Metal Shine
Metal Shine
Metal Shine

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”  Pablo Picasso

Explore colour the way it was meant to be.

Order your LUUME table with a bespoke Granite top

to match your personality & compliment your space.

LUUME tables240966.jpg

No wire, less fuss

Untangle your work flow with wireless mobile phone charging on LUUME tables.

LUUME tables240980 (2).jpg

too good
to be true?

Our experts have been making sounds which are clear, crisp and carry a deep resonance for over 25 years, with one aim, that sound must disappear into architecture and reappear in the hearts of the listener.


The LUUME sound system creates an extraordinary audible experience.

LUUME tables240968_edited.jpg

Speak, touch, Action.

We believe in simplicity and ease of functionality. 

Why should one complicate with wires and buttons,

when one can touch and speak.


LUUME tables carry a state-of-the-art home SMART feature which seamlessly connects it to an integrated platform, allowing you to bring your LUUME to life with a single word spoken to an Alexa or Google Assistant or just with a simple touch on your tablet.


Playing your music or changing the mood light,

is now just a word or touch away.

Hand Crafted
in the U.K.

LUUME is carefully hand crafted by our Artisans in the United Kingdom

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View our range of Tables

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Custom design your LUUME

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Discover how we hand craft each LUUME

Demo a LUUME table 

Discover our Craftsmanship

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