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Introducing the Gatsby Fire Table,

LUUME'S signature table.

Four times more powerful than your  fireplace at home
Smart home system allows you to connect you r music device wirelessly
Choose from unlimited
number of Granite surfaces
Use your table for a 
Choose from unlimited
number of Granite surfaces
Choose from unlimited
number of Granite surfaces
Wireless Mobile Charging
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Discover GATSBY

Gold Liquid

Fire Power.

Enough heat to create a hot air bubble around you,
even in the cold outside.

The Gatsby burner is four times more powerful than

a regular fireplace at home.

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Speak, touch, Action.

We believe in simplicity and ease of functionality. 

Why should one complicate with wires and buttons,

when one can touch and speak.


LUUME tables carry a state-of-the-art home SMART feature which seamlessly connects it to an integrated platform, allowing you to bring the Gatsby to life with a single word spoken to an Alexa or Google Assistant or just with a simple touch on your tablet.


Playing your music or changing the mood light,

is now just a word or touch away.

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too good
to be true?

Our experts have been making sounds which are clear, crisp and carry a deep resonance for over 25 years, with one aim, that sound must disappear into architecture and reappear in the hearts of the listener.


The Gatsby sound system creates an extraordinary audible experience.


amplify, listen, feel

Listening is fine, experiencing is better.

Harmon Kardon
James Loudspeaker

The Gatsby has been engineered with demanding dedication & ingenuity.


Tucked away within the table are award winning high fidelity sound systems from known brands of  speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers which create sound the way it was meant o be experienced.


Alexa, Play Coldplay.

Connect any device to play music with your Gatsby including Alexa and google .

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light up your mood

Hosting a party, watching football, or having a cosy dinner with family, the Gatsby table can be experienced for any occasion,

it just depends on the mood you are in.

Adjust  your Gatsby to fit the ambience you wish to create with our tailored under glow lighting which can be controlled by speaking to your Alexa or Google Home or just a touch on your tablet.

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Choose from Two options for your  Granite table top

LUUME tables241000 (1).jpg


Available in Premium Black, Star Galaxy, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Steel Grey

LUUME tables241034.jpg


The best Granite is custom sourced  from around the world & designed  to suit your personality.

Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 16.10.22.png

Choose from THREE finishes for your Granite Table TOp

LUUME tables241034.jpg

 The polished finish makes the surface of the granite countertop glossy and almost mirror-like.


With a polished finish, the characteristics of the stone are highlighted.


The colors and textures will be more vibrant.



The leathered finish is created by taking a matte surface and running diamond-tipped brushes over it to add texture with subtle dimples. Leathered finishes look sophisticated. Leathered table tops often keep the color of the natural stone, unlike with a matte finish.


The Lusso finish is created by taking the leathered finish and adding some shine to it. To do this, the raised areas of the stone are polished, which creates a sheen on those surfaces. This look is considered both elegant and rugged. Additionally, this process seals the pores of the stone to keep it protected from moisture.


Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 14.18.01.png


 Jet black, anthracite, light grey, champagne, bronze, Pearl night blue, Pearl Opal green, Pearl Ruby red, Claret Violet, Pure white.

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 14.22.38.png


Available in

Stainless Steel, Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze. (BRUSHED OR MIRRORED)

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Aesthetically beautiful finished trimMINGs  in two styles.

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 14.22_edited.jpg

Stainless Steel 

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 14.25.48.png


Rose Gold Bronze

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 14.17_edited.jpg

Keep your inner flame Alive.

Keeping the flames upright in windy conditions is made easier with a glass windshield that intensifies and maintains an even flame.

LUUME tables241017 (1).jpg
Put a lid on it.

Protect your Gatsby burner from water and residue with a custom stainless-steel lid.

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à la carte

Sizzle your guests with our Barbecue grill accessory.

Transform your work table into a live culinary experience.

LUUME tables240996.jpg
LUUME tables240986.jpg

 Champagne anyone?

Keep warm with fire or cool down with a crisp Champagne, you decide.

LUUME tables240966.jpg

No wire, less fuss

Untangle your work flow with wireless mobile phone charging on LUUME tables.

Our Qi wireless charging stations are designed to pair with

all apple, android and major brands of smartphones.

Pods are custom made with glass disks hand painted to complement your custom table top.

LUUME tables241003.jpg

 a snug fit.

The Gatsby is a masterpiece designed by our artisans who put every detail into it, the  tabletop has been coordinated to a height which is perfect to entertain, have a relaxed conversation or just kick your feet up.

LUUME tables241010.jpg

Precision craftsmanship

We handcraft each LUUME with love, passion, care, and an attention to detail that inspires.

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